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We have selected for you 5 effective, intensive training programs from crossfit to do at home, which you can do at any time!

If you find yourself in the living room in front of a tv with a cat on your knees and a cookie in your hand, drop everything and do one of these programs. They are fast, heavy and hardly require equipment.

Where did CrossFit come from?

The author of the technique is the gymnast from California Greg Glassman. He developed a unique program that works simultaneously to build muscle, increase stamina, train the respiratory and cardiac system, lose weight and improve the overall health of the body.

The name contains a hint: “cross” is an intersection (presumably, different techniques), “fit” – it is fit, healthy, beautiful body. And there is no exact translation, there are basic CrossFit exercises, which which can be done all sorts of combinations.

CrossFit woman

It affects all areas of the body and is intended for all people, without age and physical limitations. For all options there is one principle – WOD (Workout of the Day) The meaning of the concept is that with obvious variability for one workout, one set of exercises is needed.

The effect of HIIT training depends on the intensity. Combining different activities – jumping rope, jogging, dumbbell exercises, on the uneven bars, and running again, and all this without a break and mercy to yourself – that’s what CrossFit is!

It’s not always possible to go to the gym, work out for an hour, and go back. But you can always stay inside and work out in the apartment for half an hour.

CrossFit at Home: 5 programs

Program 1

Goal: as many circuits as possible, within 10 minutes.

  1. Burpees – 10 times
  2. Squats – 20 times
  3. Rise to the feet from the prone position – 30 times

Do each exercise the prescribed number of times, continue in a circle for 10 minutes. Be sure to count how many circuits you have made so that next time you can beat your own record.

crossfit workouts at home
Woman with dumbbells

Program 2

Goal: 5 circuits

  1. Push-ups – 5 times
  2. Jump rope – 10 times
  3. Focus on the hands, one leg at the level of the hands, change of legs in the jump – 15 times
  4. Sprint – 200 yards

To complete one set, do each exercise the right number of times. Try to finish all 5 sets. Push-ups can be done against any wall, but try to work up to the usual push-ups. If you do not have enough room for a two hundred meter sprint, just run in place for 30 seconds.

home crossfit workouts
CrossFit woman. Exercise with weights

Program 3

20 minutes:

  1. Minute 1: Burpees, 15 times
  2. Minute 2: jump up onto a step or bench, 15 times. 
  3. Minute 3: Raise the dumbbells, 15 times

Do the exercises for 20 minutes. This means that the first minute you will have 60 seconds to do 10 burpees. If you perform all of them faster, rest until the second minute begins. As soon as the second minute begins, start making 15 jumps (if you do not have special equipment, a sturdy sofa or chair will work). Try to do it all 15 times in 1 minute. If you finish faster than this minute, then rest until the third minute. If you do not have time to finish all the repetitions before the end of the second minute, all the same, start the exercise with kettlebells at the beginning of the third minute. In the third minute you have to make 20 swings of weight. As soon as the 4th minute begins, start the circuit again, and continue for 20 minutes.

This exercise may seem easy, because it involves enough rest, but the more you get tired, the more the rest periods will decrease. If you are not used to moving intensively for a sufficiently long period of time, this exercise can be quite difficult.

home crossfit workouts

Program 4

Goal: 1 round at a time

  1. Running distance – 800 m
  2. Squeezing – 50 times
  3. Squats – 100 times
  4. “I got up – I lay down” – 150 times
  5. Running distance – 800 m

If you are not used to moving intensively for a sufficiently long period of time, this exercise can be quite difficult. But it’s fine if you want a real challenge for yourself. The main thing is to do all the repetitions. And if you want to really push yourself, repeat a second time.

Program 5

Goal: as many circuits as possible, within 15 minutes

  1. “Pistol” – 10 times
  2. Pull-ups – 10 times
  3. Push-ups – 10 times
  4. “Get up – lay down” – 10 times

If the “Pistol” is too difficult, lean against a wall or use a counterweight. If you have nowhere to do pull-ups, just do the remaining 4 exercises. Fifteen minutes will seem very long, if you do everything intensely. 


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