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Do you know what is the best thing about good science? The fact that it proves that 7-minute workouts are effective. You may not know how your mobile phone works. But dial the number and call anywhere in the world. You may not know by what laws of physics your coffee maker works, but it brews a fine cappuccino.

It is not necessary to know what molecular changes in muscles cause physical stress and what happens to capillary filtration – it is much more important to have a brief guide on how to apply the latest fitness research in practice.

A set of exercises based on the latest scientific research.

Only 7 minutes of intensive work per day:

  • 12 Simple Exercises
  • You will only need a chair and a wall. No additional simulators.
  • It combines the action of a long run and a visit to the gym

And what is the catch? Only 7 minutes a day?

Yes, modern science, with the permission of the local committee and the cultural and political commission, works wonders.

But these are not an easy 7 minutes.

7 min workout
7-minute workout

This is a very serious 7 minutes. These include:

  • High intensity
  • Combine Aerobic and Strength Exercises
  • involve all major muscle groups
  • alternate high load and recovery periods due to:
  • 10-second rest
  • and changing exercises – alternately for the muscles of the upper and lower body parts.
  • Therefore, to follow the techniques is very important.
  • Exercises are performed for 30 seconds
  • between exercises rest 10 seconds
  • The pace is fast
  • Intensity – about 8 on a scale of discomfort from 1 to 10.
  • Those approximately 80% of your maximum. These seven minutes should be, in a word, difficult.
  • But in seven minutes – you are free.

2-minute science – how it works:

The May-June article of the American College of Sports Medicine and Fitness proves that “high intensity interval training gives all the benefits of a long endurance training, but much faster,” said Chris Jordan, director of sports physiology at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida.

seven minute workout
How to do a 7-min workout

The work of scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and other institutions shows that even a few minutes of training at an intensity close to your maximum produces molecular changes in muscles comparable to changes after several hours of running or riding a bicycle.

In interval training, very intense activities should be replaced by short recovery periods. In this program, this recovery is carried out by a 10-second rest between exercises, and a change of exercises that act on the large muscles of the upper or lower body.

A few practical comments:

If you just look at the picture – the movement seems very simple. But when you start to do at the right pace – yes, indeed, it’s hard.
The load can easily be changed to your needs and degree of preparation. Exercises can be done in a simpler or more complex way.
This complex can be used almost at any level of preparation.
Even when you are very busy – 7 minutes can always be found for 7 minute workout.
Does not require complex simulators – so you can perform anywhere. Either at home or on a business trip.
The complex gives a load on all large muscle groups. And if you do exercises less than 30 seconds, but for 10-15 – try the frank medrano workout.

7 min workout
The woman is exercising

1. Jumping on the ground.

Starting position – feet together, hands down.
Then, at the same time, raise your arms above your head and jump your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Without delay, quickly return to the starting position.

2. Squat against the wall.

Isometric exercise. Feet on the width of the shoulders, lower yourself and hold for 30 seconds. After completion, carefully return to standing.

3. Push-ups

Everything is clear. If it is difficult for you to press 30 seconds – you can perform a simpler version – push-ups not on straight legs, but on your knees. An even simpler version is push-ups from the wall. Gradually, the load can be increased.

7 min workout
Rest after push-ups

4. Twisting

What can be difficult in twists? Everything is simple.

And remember: physical exercises stimulate circulation – it increases blood flow in the frontal lobes – and improves deductive thinking.

5. Going on a chair

This exercise not only builds the muscles of the legs, but also requires some coordination. If you do it in the morning – be vigilant.

6. Squats

Squats build beautiful elastic buttocks.

7 minute workout
Squats in 7 minute workout

7. Push-ups on a triceps chair

Two options: easier – the legs are bent, and the load can be adjusted.
More difficult – the legs are straight.

8. Plank.

Minimalistic and effective.

seven minute workout
Effective exercise plank

9. Running in place with a high knee lift.

Also allows you to easily choose the load for yourself. Too easy? Raise your knees higher, higher, and even higher.


10. Push-ups with rotation

Push up from the floor and turn over to the left side, and lift your right hand to the ceiling. The body forms the resemblance of the letter T.
Put your hand on the floor, press and turn again, but in the opposite direction.
The muscles of the chest, upper back and triceps work. The video, of course, is a complicated version.

11. Side lath

The final exercise. To slightly simplify the task – you can at first help yourself with the other hand, giving additional support.

Try this 7-minute workout – and use it the way you want.

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