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Everyone who goes to the gym knows that the most important part for working out is the legs. And, despite this, still many people allow themselves to neglect these days or do not perform the necessary exercises at all. But the back of thigh exercises are necessary to create an ideal tight figure in women.

Back of the thigh
Back of the thigh

Do I have to do this?

Again, in the gym, often there are conflicting opinions about the performance of exercises on the back of the thigh, because they believe that the potential harm far exceeds the benefit from this kind of training. And yet work with your thigh is:

  • a basic complex that stimulates the body’s muscle growth
  • a great opportunity to get rid of cellulite
  • improves daily functioning
  • a necessary component for creating a balanced figure.


And yet recently, exercises for the back of the thigh and buttocks have gained extraordinary popularity among all women. In all, the Kardashian family is to blame, who, with their hard and impressive forms, set new standards of beauty, which all women are now seeking. But is it all good? Yes, in the first place, exercises on the back of the thigh are a must. Why? Because they involve muscles, which are very little used in everyday life. In particular, the hamstrings are used exclusively when a person tries to sit on a chair or bend over. That is why, unsportsmanlike girls can have a beautiful butt but disproportionate thighs.

Harm and possible contraindications

But, is there potential harm from exercising the back of the thighs? There is no potential harm at all.

You can only harm your body if you follow proper techniques.

But there is a risk of incorrect loading of the hamstring. This is manifested in the case when women begin to become overly reliant on basic exercises. Therefore, when working on the back of the thigh, the following should be considered:

  • Monthly heavy workouts with basic exercises (to create a basic group of muscles on which a getter figure will be built).
  • 3 months of split, in which isolation exercises will prevail over the basic ones.
  • Decrease in working weights from the 5th month, with an increase in the number of sets and repetitions.

When the optimal figure is reached, it is worthwhile to think about how to reduce the load even more in order to only keep the muscles toned. As for contraindications, they are the usual:

  • presence of spinal injuries
  • problems with bones, vessels, ligaments of veins
  • presence of tumors in the abdomen
  • pregnancy
  • kyphoscoliosis, lordoscoliosis and just scoliosis

Why does the spine play an important role? Because almost all exercises with free weights require a massive return from the muscular core. In view of the presence of a vertical compressive load, spine curvatures can greatly intensify and even lead to disability.

For everyone else, working the muscles of the thigh and buttocks has no special contraindications.


What is the best way to work the hamstring? There are both basic exercises and isolation exercises aimed exclusively at the development of certain muscle groups. In total, there are several basic exercises that should be in the program of every woman:

  • Romanian deadlift;
  • squatting with a barbell;
  • Bulgarian split-squatting;
  • torso elevations;
  • flexion of the legs.

Romanian deadlift

The first and, perhaps, the most important exercise for the back of the thigh is the Romanian deadlift.

Before mastering the Romanian deadlift, it is recommended that women work out with block simulators to prepare for deadlifts. This will help to better understand the principles of execution and reduce the risk of damage to the back.

Romanian deadlifting is a basic multi-joint exercise that involves:

  • gluteus muscles;
  • quadriceps;
  • hamstrings;
  • calf;
  • muscles of the back;
  • muscles of forearms.

With the right technique, the muscles of the lumbar region and the back muscles are almost completely turned off, which leads to focus on the hips.

How to perform Romanian deadlifts?

  1. Take the barbell in hand and lock the elbows.
  2. Straighten the back.
  3. Lower the body, keeping the legs straight.
  4. The bar should be kept as close as possible to the level of the knees, without deviating from the specified trajectory.
  5. Rise, keeping the back and legs straight.

Important points:

  • Do not use a light grip, in case the load shifts, twisting the spine.
  • The head should always face straight ahead.
  • Movement is due to the straightened back, which disables the back muscles from work.
  • Heels should not be lifted because this will cause the load to be fully on the back muscles.
Back of the thigh
Back of the thigh

Squat with a barbell

Squat with a barbell is the king of all exercises. Regardless of the athlete’s goals, it is used in all programs, since it allows you to work your legs, and is the magic tool that activates muscle growth, which leads to a rapid improvement in shape.

How to perform?

  • The bar rests on the chest (so, the weight is shifted to the femoral muscles), but it can be placed on the shoulders.
  • Back is straight, while maintaining a slight inclination of the body forward.
  • The squat is carried out with knees at a 90 degree-angle.
  • Slowly, stand up fully.

Important points:

Back of the thigh exercise
Back of the thigh exercise
  1. When working with a barbell on the chest, there must be a spotter.
  2. Do not straighten the knees completely, as this increases the load on the joints.
  3. Use large weights with fewer repetitions.


Bulgarian split squats

The Bulgarian split squat is the exercise aimed solely at hip work. It is recommended to perform it only after passing the basic program.

How to perform?

  1. Face forward, and, behind you, put the top of your foot on a bench.
  2. Hold dumbbells in both hands.
  3. The overall position of the legs should be the same as for deep thrusts.
  4. Do a deep squat with an emphasis, not on the front, but on the back foot.
  5. Rise, using the hind leg.
  6. During the whole execution, keep the back straight.

If the main load falls on the front leg, then instead of the femoral muscles, the main work will be on the quadriceps.

Back of the thigh exercise
Back of the thigh exercise

Without weight

These are the simplest rises on one leg. The techniques are completely identical, except for the absence of dumbbells. This is the best exercise at home for the back of the thigh.

Torso elevations

Despite the strange name – this is the simplest hyperextension. It is important to understand that the femoral muscles in this case play an exceptionally auxiliary role. The main load falls on the muscles of the lumbar region.

How to perform?

  1. Take a weight (weighing from 5 to 20 kg).
  2. Stand up in a rack for hyperextension.
  3. Put the weight on the chest .
  4. Lean up with full bending of the spine.
  5. Straighten the back.

So, as all this time the body rests on the legs, then some of the load falls on the back, thanks to which the femoral groups are perfectly worked out.

Leg bending

This machine is in almost every gym. It was specially designed for training the back of the thigh.

The technique is extremely simple:

  1. Lie face down in the machine.
  2. Bend your legs upward.
  3. Hold at the highest point for 1-2 seconds.
  4. Return to the original position.


It’s best to not do all of these exercises in the same workout. Determine the most effective program for you.

Program Exercises
Basic Squats with a bar 5 * 20

Romanian deadlift 5 * 20

Torso lifts 5 * max

Two-way split Romanian deadlift 3 * 12

Bulgarian split sit-ups 5 * 7

Flexion of legs 5 * 20

Three-way split Flexion of the legs 3 * 12

Squats with a bar 5 * 5

Hyperextension 5 * max


Intense set Squats with a bar 5 * 20

Romanian deadlift 5 * 20

Torso lifts 5 * max

Flexion of the legs 5 * max

To achieve the best effect, before you begin to development the back of your the thigh, you need to work 1-2 months in a circuit program. This is done in order to bring all the muscle groups into tone, and learn the technique of all the basic exercises. After that, it’s better to practice 2-3 months on a split. And only then go to a basic, or intense set. So, even if you are deeply involved with the development of the femoral muscle groups, you will maintain a balance between all muscle groups, which will preserve the beauty and naturalness of the figure.

And most importantly, continue with basic exercises that don’t focus on the thighs, so as to achieve the optimal result.

The result

Exercises on the back of the thigh become more popular with each passing day. And remember that if you want to get the perfect figure, you do not have to run to the gym. You can organize training at home, for the benefit of special exercises that allow you to work your legs and hips without using heavy weights. Combine, and keep a balance between all the muscle groups, and by the summer, you will have something to boast about on the beach.

Back of the thigh exercise
Back of the thigh exercise
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