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Exercises on the step platform are a fairly popular form of training used in almost every fitness club. Step aerobics is especially popular among women and girls because it allows you to form beautifully sculpted legs and buttocks.

What is a step platform?

The most interesting thing is that this trend in fitness appeared less than 30 years ago. Coach Gene Miller injured her leg, and during rehabilitation, she came up with a set of exercises that mimics ascents and descents on real steps. The founder of step aerobics then used, as a “step,” a plastic milk crate. The company “Reebok” picked up the idea and began to produce special platforms that quickly won over the sports market.

step platform

Step platformThe first plastic step had a number of drawbacks: they often broke down, had poor cushioning, were unstable, and had only one height. Modern models are much better than their predecessors. They:

    • Withstand any weight due to durable material.
    • Soften the load on the joints during jumps.
    • They have an anti-slip coating on the base and surface.
    • They are larger and adjustable.

    The platform has different heights for each level of users. Beginners are advised to choose a height of 10-15 cm, more experienced athletes can choose a height of 20 cm or more. Increasing the height by 5 cm at a time makes the change in difficulty not as noticeable. Read about the deadlift exercise.

step platform
Step platform group exercises


In addition to the differences in height and length, the platform is distinguished by the type of construction:

  • Unregulated – integral structures, the height of which can not be changed. These are already obsolete models, which are almost not sold now. For beginners, it suits most.
  • Adjustable – platforms with additional supports, which can reduce or increase the height in the range of 10-30 cm. These are universal models that can be used by all people.
  • Combined – multifunctional models, which are additionally equipped with expanders, benches, niches for storing things. Also, there are combined platforms that can be transformed into other sports equipment.


Exercises on the step platform are carried out, in most cases, by standing. Therefore, during training, the hips, shins, calves are worked out. Also, the buttocks are tightened and the back is strengthened.

step platform
Step platform group exercises

A bench for a step is a universal tool, because there are many ways to use it, and not just as a footrest when jumping or walking. The step platform can be used for push-ups and is a form of dynamic training that will help strengthen the muscles of the whole body and burn calories.

Rules for working with the step platform

To exercise on the step, you need to observe the following rules:

  • The back during the exercise should be straight.
  • Stepping up is carried out with the help of the muscles of the legs.
  • The leg is placed on the surface of the board with the entire foot, there should be no sagging of the heel or fingers.
  • Do it only in comfortable non-slip shoes.
  • You can not jump or fall to the floor on straight, strained legs.
  • Movements should be fast, but not intermittent.

This kind of exercise loads is useful for the cardiovascular system, to improve coordination of movements, balancing, stability, endurance, and mood-lifting.

For practicing step aerobics, you do not need to have special physical training, because every person can move up and down the stairs. In training, while walking you will alternate between jumps and squats. In fitness classes, these are normally done to music. Losing extra weight would make anyone happy.

step exercises
Step platform exercises

Especially for classes on the step, you do not need to go to the gym. Just buy a step, and practice at home. It doesn’t take much space.

Slimming with the step

Training on the step is not only a fun dynamic activity but also an excellent fat burning process. The steps and jumps, as it turns out, help get rid of excess pounds on the body. The most effective are the following exercises on the step platform for weight loss :

  1. Intensive steps using weights or dumbbells.
  2. Jumping up with both feet.
  3. Squats.

Ordinary gymnastics or weightlifting do not burn superfluous calories like step aerobics. The first noticeable results will appear in a month.

Types of exercises

All movements on the step are better spent with dynamic pleasant music, which makes the training process more interesting. In this case, you need to choose a set of exercises on the step platform in accordance with your current fitness level.

In addition to the usual step movements, the step can be used for push-ups. The step can serve as a platform for the hands or feet.

step exercises
Step platform exercises

Beginners need to devote 20 minutes of training. More experienced athletes spend on the step up to an hour.

There are many different types of exercises on the step. More simple ones are recommended for beginners and more complex ones for advanced athletes.

For newbies

Step name Technique
Normal step Step on the platform with your right foot then left. Go down first at the right foot, then left. You can change the order of the legs when lifting or make several approaches with the right foot, then a few left.
Step-by-step  Climb the step with your right foot, then put the left foot next to it. Step down from the right foot. Start the next step from the left foot.
V-step When stepping onto the platform with the heel of the right foot, step with the toe of the left foot. End with the heels close to each other. This produces a “V”. Drop your right foot on the floor, then left.
Step blende The right foot is placed on the step, transfer the weight of the body to it, lift the left foot from the floor. As if you are about to step, drop to the left leg. Place the right foot on the floor. Repeat, alternating legs.
Step with a knee lift Place the right foot on the platform, the left bend at the knee, and lift as high as possible. You cannot help with your hands! Lower your left foot, put down your right foot. Alternate several times for each leg.
Jumping Jump, alternately with the right leg then the left leg

For experienced athletes

Step name Technique of execution
Lateral squats with a swing Stand next to the step, and put one foot on it. Start crouching, pulling the buttocks back. Keep your back straight. When lifting, make a side swing with the foot that was on the platform, and put it on the floor next to the other leg. Repeat, alternating legs.
Straight squats Put your right foot on the step, transfer the weight of the body to it. Squat, keeping the heel of your left foot off the floor. The hip of the right leg should be parallel to the floor.
Variable bar Place your hands on the step with elbows bent, legs set back, and back straight. Keeping the muscles of the body tight, gradually rise to stand, then return to the starting position.
Reverse strip Sit on the floor next to the step. Place your hands on the edge of the platform and climb up on your hands. The footrest is on the heels. Hold out as long as possible.
Steps with dumbbells Various steps are carried out with the use of dumbbells and various weighting agents for the hands and feet. The intensity of movement should be higher than that of beginners. The height of the bench is raised to a maximum height of 30 cm.
Jumping with two legs It is necessary to jump up onto the step with two legs, without bending your back. You can intensify the task by jumping off the steps alternately on both sides of the step.


Performing exercises on the step platform are good for the body and mind, toning the body and releasing the “happiness hormone”.

For a successful workout, you can take this advice: Start with 120 beats per minute. Then increase your pulse rate to 125, or better, 128 heartbeats per minute.