Today we will analyze a great exercise with weight – goblet squats. We answer the following questions – What are the features of the implementation? What you should pay attention to? How to protect yourself from injuries?

Leg training with kettlebell squats

About an effective ligament for training legs, there is already an article on my channel. And one of the exercises of this complex is goblet squats.

To train legs at home is quite problematic due to the small load in air squats. At the same time, the legs are the largest muscle group and it is necessary to train it first of all. Goblet squats do an excellent job of this.

Kettlebell squat muscles worked

Why is this exercise necessary for everyone to do? Because a huge amount of muscles work in it, due to holding weights in hands in statics, biceps and deltas work perfectly.

The main load still falls on the muscles of the legs, but in the aggregate, this exercise causes a greater hormonal response, and as a result, greater muscle growth.

Kettlebell squat muscles worked

Goblet squat execution technique

Another advantage of this exercise is the execution technique. By keeping your weight in front of your chest, you can keep your back more straight. Firstly, this will protect your spine from injury, and secondly, it will allow you to shift the load on the quadriceps.

To perform this exercise, keep the weight in front of you, at chest level.

Slowly lower yourself into a seat, keeping your back straight.

Depending on the flexibility and positioning of the legs, the load will shift from the adductor muscles of the thigh to the quadriceps, select the most comfortable position of the legs.

Close legs position

How many reps to do?

As I said earlier, this is an excellent complex exercise and it integrates perfectly into any training program.

Earlier in my articles, this exercise has already figured, you can read about the complex of exercises on the legs here. If you want to work on endurance, add this exercise to your circular workout.

You can work both in multi-repetitive mode and in low repetition. I am working with a weight of 24 kg right now and the load feels great, you can’t wish for anything better.