testosterone cypionate dosage cycleThere are some facts when choosing a testosterone cypionate cycle dosage. For example, if you want to build muscle and improve your athletic performance, you should take a dose of 100-200mg per week. If you do not see any changes in your body during the first month of use, then you can increase the testosterone cypionate cycle dosage. You have now seen whether your body tolerates this drug well.

Many bodybuilders who suffer from low testosterone levels due to the use of steroids prefer to take testosterone cypionate cycle dosage to cope with this condition. For this condition, a dosage of 200mg-400mg is recommended. At present, there are numerous discussions about whether it is better to have a higher dose in a smaller amount of times than a smaller one in a larger quantity. To avoid serious side effects, lower doses, which are often injected, are the right way to achieve results while being slow for the body.

Testosterone is considered original and, as you know, has a significant effect even by itself. The benefits of bodybuilding testosterone cypionate cycle dosage are achieved only when a person accompanies the use of this steroid with the appropriate regimen and performs the heavy physical exercise. In other words, what this steroid does is to increase the effort that the bodybuilder puts on, thus making it more effective. If you take testosterone cypionate and do not exercise, the changes in the body will be minor.

The cyclone cycle of testosterone is usually longer than other short esters of anabolic steroids. It will take about 10-12 weeks with changes occurring between the 4th to the sixth week. It differs from the short cycle of an anabolic steroid ester, which takes 4-6 weeks with changes occurring between the second and fourth weeks.

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If you use the testosterone cypionate cycle, you can take up to 500mg-600mg per week. This dosage is usually divided into two injections, which are likely to be administered on Monday and Thursday. As soon as the dosage is halved, you get 250mg or 300mg twice a week.

For beginners, it is desirable that they take 250mg weekly, divided into two times a week, to receive 175mg every two days a week.

Testosterone cypionate cycle dosage duration is usually from six to ten weeks. Injections are performed weekly, injected, as usual, 250-500 mg of the drug. Also read How much Testosterone should i inject to build muscle. To raise the weekly dosage in excess of 800 mg most athletes consider irrational, since the results practically do not grow, in contrast to the likelihood of side effects.

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle Dosage and Combinations

testosterone cypionate post cycle therapyAmong the most popular combined testosterone cypionate cycle dosage (s) we single out the last six to eight weeks, during which they take:

  • weekly – 250-500 mg of cypionate with daily 30-40 mg of methandrostenolone;
  • weekly – 250-500 mg of cypionate and daily 30-40 mg of turinabol;
  • weekly – 250 mg of cypionate and 200 mg of nandrolone decanoate.

The cycle is longer, the scheme of which includes the use of three anabolic androgenic steroids for eight to ten weeks. It involves the use of:

  • weekly – 250-500 mg of testosterone cypionate and 400-800 mg of boldenone;
  • daily – 30 mg methandrostenolone.

In this scheme, turinabol can be used instead of methandrostenolone in a daily dosage of 30 mg.

Testosterone cypionate cycle dosage can be used in cycles of steroids instead of enanthate if it is better perceived by the body.

Post Cycle Therapy after High Testosterone Cypionate Cycle Dosage

To reduce fluid retention, it is worthwhile to include the cycle of Proviron in the scheme. Excessive inhibition of the production of natural testosterone is prevented by the use, from the third week of the cycle, of chorionic gonadotropin in a weekly dosage equal to 500 IU.

Post-cycle therapy is performed using tamoxifen. Some athletes prefer, however, to take tamoxifen on the cycle instead of Proviron, discontinuing use after two weeks at the end of the cycle. But this option is less common, judging by the reviews.