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Everyone wants to have a flat, beautiful belly, preferably with cubes. To do this, many people torture themselves with diets, go in for sports and shake their press every day, but the result is not always the way you want. The fact is that in this part of the body fat is very difficult and slow.

In order for the stomach was not folds, you need to take into account many factors and comply with many conditions. It is necessary to run, play sports, perform exercises to strengthen the press, eat right, etc. However, following all the recommendations, you will not only be able to wear any clothes without embarrassment, but also keep the perfect figure for a long time.

Running for a flat belly

The main problem is often not even extra weight, but the fact that it is distributed unevenly over the body. Typically, fat accumulates just in the abdomen, hips and sides. To reduce its amount in certain places, you need to lose weight throughout the body. The most suitable way to part with unnecessary deposits is to start running. This will not only reduce the volume of the abdomen, help to lose weight and tighten muscles, but also improve stamina, general well-being and increase immunity.


run to lose weight


You can run at a time that is convenient for you. Usually choose morning or evening. Experts still argue whether this is a fundamental difference. Some say that running with the purpose of losing weight is desirable in the morning, before breakfast. Others argue that it is better to do it during the day or in the evening, so as not to cause unnecessary stress to the body by early awakening. In any case, it is individual, everyone chooses for himself the best option.

It is important to run no less than 1.5 hours after meals. Sports activities immediately after eating will bring discomfort, besides, they are extremely harmful to the digestive system. For weight loss is also important not to eat at the end of a run. It is advisable to wait a few hours.

It is best to run in the fresh air, if there is such an opportunity. If desired, this can be done at home or in the gym. It is necessary to choose for yourself not only a suitable place, but also comfortable shoes and clothing. In this case, the training will be comfortable and pleasant. It is also important that the surface on which you run on the street, was smooth. Various excavations and stones, falling under the feet during class, can lead to injuries. It is necessary to run correctly so that the pursuit of the beauty of the abdomen is also comfortable.

You need to choose a suitable pace. It is not necessary to run from the first day at the speed of a bullet and torture yourself in the first 100 meters. Such an approach will not lead to anything good. It is better to run slower, so that the forces have enough for a great distance. Every day you need to overcome at least 2 km. And at first you can alternate running with a quick step. After a few days of classes, you must minimize your walking time. Gradually, training can be complicated by alternating slow running with short sprints.

In no case can not stop sharply after a long distance, and even more so to sit down. This should be done, slowly slowing down, then walking for a few minutes to restore breathing and heartbeat.

A few words about nutrition

Need to revise your diet. This is where you need to start to have your dream belly. It is important to exclude from the constant use of all the flour, sweet and fatty. You need to carefully monitor your diet. You can start keeping a diary and write down all the foods that you eat during the day. Properly chosen diet will help not only to improve the shape, but also to normalize the work of the intestine.

A prerequisite is that in no case should you feel hungry. You need to eat at least 5 times a day and divide it into small portions. You can eat low-calorie and healthy foods:

  • apples and other fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • dates, dried apricots, etc.

You can eat nuts and seeds in small quantities, so that high-calorie foods do not disrupt the process of losing weight. No way to starve! Forcing events can have the opposite effect, because the body perceives the lack of food as extreme conditions and begins to store energy for the future. For this reason, some lovers of a rigid diet, first, after its completion instantly gain even more kilograms than it was. And secondly, sooner or later they are faced with the fact that the process of losing weight stops. In these cases, even with a small amount of food a person can not lose weight and even recover.


how long should i run to lose weight


An important factor in losing weight is drinking mode. For a person weighing about 80 kg it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters. per day, and it is pure water. In the summer, the amount of fluid needs to be increased. If you are not used to drinking so much, teach yourself to drink a glass of water per hour. Gradually, the body adapts and will require the fluid itself.

To lose weight in the abdomen, you need to do it right, without undue stress for the body. The lack of water provokes a slowdown in the process of getting rid of extra pounds and the withdrawal of various harmful substances and toxins.

It is also necessary to exclude from the diet all fried and smoked. You need to steam or bake in the oven. This method saves the most nutrients and vitamins in foods without increasing their caloric content. Vegetables and fruits are preferably consumed raw, not subjecting them to heat treatment. In addition, foods that ferment the intestines should be avoided. This provokes bloating and spoils its aesthetic appearance.

Other factors

To make your stomach flat and beautiful, you need not only to run correctly and follow the diet, it is also important to connect all sorts of exercises to strengthen the press, lateral muscles, internal walls. All this is recommended to be carried out in a complex for a long period, since in a few weeks it is unlikely to achieve the desired result. A minimum of 2 to 3 months is needed to see a positive effect. This is on condition that everything was done correctly, there were no breakdowns in the diet.

Also for the fastest weight loss jumping rope will not interfere. They can be performed directly after running or at the end of abdominal exercises. Be sure to at the end of each part of the lesson, you must restore your breath.


how much should i run to lose weight


It should be noted that, in addition to the aesthetic side of the issue, excess fat in the waist and abdomen can lead to the development of various diseases: hypertension, diabetes, polycystic ovary. Great weight significantly increases the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks, even in young people.

It is important to consider that for a flat stomach it is necessary not only to run correctly, but also to conduct training dynamically. If at first you will not be able to do this, you should try not to stop, to allow small breaks between exercises only to restore breathing, not more. Only such a rhythm will help you make your tummy beautiful, and give your figure a slender and taut look. It is important to motivate yourself and make your body work, only in this case you can enjoy amazing results and spectacular appearance.