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To form an attractive lower body figure, this basic reverse grip pulls up, side attacks are great. Here you will learn the technique, its features, and working muscles.

Side attacks

Side attacks

Which muscles are toned with side lunges?

To learn how to properly do side lunges and master the technique, you need to understand which muscles are responsible for its implementation. Side lunges deserve close attention as a basic exercise that allows you to work out problem areas in the inner thigh area and firm the middle gluteal muscles.

So, which muscles work during side lunges in contrast forward lunges with dumbbells?

  1. With legs at the side, the gluteal muscles (medium, small) receive the load.
  2. The hamstrings provide a squat on the leg, which is sideways.
  3. The straightening of the knee during the ascent from the squat position works the quadriceps, thigh, and gluts.
  4. Pulling the leg back to the body uses the adductor muscle.

Also, if the weight lifting and hair loss are performed correctly, gastrocnemius muscles, abdomen, and loin are strengthened.

Do side lunges eliminate fat?

Side attacks are used to correct the area of ​​the inner thighs and the external surface of the thigh. However, training the muscles, even with weights, does not lead to the immediate elimination of fat deposits. To achieve this, calorie restriction is required. But, how can this be done? Only two ways really help to solve the problem of fatty deposits:

  • intensive training;
  • reduction in caloric intake.

If we consider just the inner thighs, then the impact on them is complicated by the fact that in the external surface of the thigh fat is located on top of the tendon.

You can achieve weight loss in the hips if training if engaging in a fat-burning regimen. The pace of such training should be above average, and the number of repetitions of attacks in one round should be more than 20.

Side attacks are not only suitable for women. They are included in the training to create an athletic form of the legs and buttocks, as well as to sculpt men. For this they are performed at a slow pace, the number of repetitions is 8-12 times for 3-4 sets. To increase the load, use additional weights: a body-dumbbell or a barbell.


The correct technique when performing side attacks makes this upright bb row particularly effective. Consider the sequence of actions.

  1. Stand with feet at shoulder width. Heels are slight to the side.
  2. Straighten the back, with the arms slightly bent at the elbows in front of the chest. Hands can be stretched along the body or placed on the waist. Abdomen tightened. The stance is springy, knees slightly bent.
  3. A wide step with the left foot to the side is performed on exhalation. At this time, the left knee bends a little, then gently lower the foot to the floor, transferring the center of gravity to the left leg. Form a right angle in the knee. Keep the back straight.
  4. The body can be slightly bent forward, but you cannot allow the curvature of the spine and twisting the shoulders. At this time, the right leg should remain straight and be extended to the opposite (right) side.
  5. On an exhalation, return to the starting position. In the squat position, tighten the buttocks and quadriceps.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. The number of repetitions and sets depends on the purpose of the training. An obligatory condition for completing the deadlift alternative Reddit is to perform an easy stretch on the muscles of the legs.
The correct technique of making attacks on the side
The correct technique of making attacks on the side

Varieties of side lunges

Mastering the technique of side attacks does not take much time. In just a month, performing an exercise without weight will not allow you to feel the right muscle work. In this case, it is necessary to:

  • add to the exercise;
  • increase the number of repetitions and sets;
  • add weights.

Side lunges with dumbbells are performed like the basic exercise. The hand from the dumbbells can be lowered along the trunk, raised to the shoulders, or pressed to the chest. Sets can be complicated by combining them with the bending of hands. To perform this exercise, dumbbells are taken in reverse. For the starting position, the hands are lowered down in front of you. During the lunge, we perform bending of the hands, pressing the dumbbells to the chest. Work out the legs, tighten the abdomen before performing side attacks with the barbell. Another advantage of lunges with the bar is the development of balance.

Squats to the side with the bar help the development of muscles and sculpting. However, the main principle of exercises with extra weight says that first, you need to master the technique, strengthening the muscles. After this, you can proceed to work on sculpting with weights.

Work on mistakes

Let’s look at five typical mistakes that beginners make.

Error Why is this happening? What to do?
Rounding the back Occurs because the muscles of the legs and back are not yet ready for this load Work on strengthening the muscles of the body and legs. Increase the bending angle of the knees (instead of 90 to 135 degrees)
Wrong stand Bodyweight is transferred to the toe or heel to simplify the exercise Evenly distribute body weight throughout the foot
Failure to follow the approach to the end Weight was chosen incorrectly Reduce the weight or perform the exercise without it.
Exercise is performed by jerks Sharp moves are made to end the approach sooner Do the movements smoothly
Loss of balance during the attack Too short or long step Calculate the length of the step, which will keep the balance

To hone the technique of attacks is easiest if you perform the exercise in front of the mirror. This will allow you to easily control any movement.

What is the wrong incorrect technique?

  1. Getting injuries, especially if the squats are sideways performed with extra weight.
  2. Lack of effectiveness of the exercise.
  3. Self-deception. You think that you are training certain muscles, but in fact, they do not get the load.

To strengthen the muscles of the lower body, side attacks are combined with classic squats, forward attacks, and a set of exercises for the hips and buttocks. Regular execution of such a complex exercise will allow you to adjust the shape of your legs and achieve an attractive figure.

Falls to the side with dumbbells help to achieve maximum muscle training
Falls to the side with dumbbells help to achieve maximum muscle training
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