After extensive research, it was determined that a considerable amount of men start to notice the signs of hair loss by age 35.  Of course, this does not mean that all men will experience this effect.  By the age of 50, a vast majority of men suffer from significant hair thinning resulting from the continuous loss of small amounts of hair over time. For some men, hair loss can begin as early as the age of 21. In most cases, hair loss is genetic and is passed down from generation to generation. Other causes of hair loss include medical conditions such as thyroid, anemia, ringworm, alopecia, etc.  Diseases that cause scarring such as lupus can also result in permanent hair loss, a direct result of the scarring associated with this disease.  Other causes of hair loss could be vitamin deficiencies which can be easily treated. Stress as well as dramatic and sudden weight loss can also cause the thinning of hair. In addition to what we have mentioned, there are actually certain medications that can increase the chances of hair loss.  Examples of these medications include antidepressants, blood thinners, beta-blockers, etc. Chemotherapy used for the treatment of cancer can also cause hair loss.  For some, the thought of going bald or thinning hair is a nightmare but for others, it’s just something you learn to live with.

Bodybuilding Hair Loss Prevention

Many believe that lifting heavy weights and bodybuilding can lead to hair loss and balding. This is a common misconception made by those who have little or no experience in the fitness industry.  Bodybuilding and weight lifting are known to increase the production of testosterone in the human body. However, increased testosterone is generally not the cause of hair loss while you are bodybuilding.   If this statement were true, just imagine all of the men (and women) who would be bald or experience thinning hair!  In all likelihood, it is a combination of several other factors such as an increase in cortisol as well as increased scalp sensitivity to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).  Exercise, in fact, is known to reduce the production of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. The basic cause of hair loss is an increase in the levels of DHT, which is a by-product of testosterone. The higher your levels of testosterone, the more DHT your body will have. But this increase in DHT is generally not high enough to cause balding and loss of hair. DHT is formed by the action of 5-alpha reductase (5AR) upon testosterone. There are two subtypes of the 5AR enzyme- 5AR I and 5AR II. 5AR I is the enzyme that primarily affects the scalp. Those who have a genetic disposition to lose hair will find that this affects them more. Also, some people produce more testosterone than others, and some are affected more by DHT than others. It is also interesting to note that cardio exercises can help decrease the levels of DHT in the bloodstream, while excess weight lifting can cause an increase in testosterone. However, as mentioned before, excess testosterone on its own does not lead to balding.  It is common in today’s world to provide false information or make assumptions about a certain subject without researching the actual topic.  And this can cause unreliable, inaccurate details to be displayed in forums, blogs, articles, emails, and everyday chit chat in the gym or other fitness settings.

Working out naturally without the use of supplements will not cause balding and/or the loss or thinning of hair. Those who take compounds like anabolic steroids in the form of tablets or injections are more likely to experience the negative side effects associated with these compounds.  Those who are sensitive to steroids or who are predisposed to male pattern baldness have a greater risk of hair loss over time. Supplements that contain too much vitamin A can also contribute to hair loss.

Discontinuing the use of supplements or anabolic steroids will not cause your hair to start growing again.  However, stopping the use of these supplements will slow down the rate at which the hair is lost or becomes thinner.  If you are concerned about hair loss, it may be time to consider a lower dose of anabolics in your next cycle.  This negative effect will not stop most men from running anabolic steroid cycles.  Instead, consulting your physician to determine what form of treatment or medication can reduce the risk is what many individuals will do.  And those who are not comfortable with discussing their anabolic use with the family doctor can purchase supplements in any of our online stores that can reduce or minimize the risk of going bald or thinning hair.  These supplements are available without a prescription.

Diet for Hair Loss

To maintain a healthy, thick head of hair, a well-balanced and nutritious diet are essential. Proteins are essential for the development of the body, and for those who are serious about training and working out, you may already be consuming the proper amounts of protein. However, be sure not to consume too much of a good thing.  Know how to properly create your nutrition plan around your health and overall goals.  High protein levels may actually harm over time to your hair follicles.

Instead of consuming an excessive amount of protein shakes, it is much more beneficial to incorporate more natural sources of protein such as chicken, fish, and eggs.  Protein shakes are a great way to get the vital nutrients back into the body immediately following an intense workout but should NOT serve as a meal replacement.  The body welcomes the shake to replenish those nutrients but it still craves a good meal consisting of protein, good fats, and carbohydrates to allow the wheels of metabolism to keep spinning. Always make sure you are getting an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, fats, and other nutrients to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Another useful tip and piece of advice are to consider using hair care products that are natural and have the least amount of chemicals. Harsh chemicals and frequent washing can harm the texture of your hair.  It can also cause a buildup in the scalp not allowing hair follicles to breathe.  The result is thinning hair and the gradual loss of hair over time.  Also, don’t brush your hair too vigorously as that can harm the hair follicles.

Try and reduce the stress you face every day. Stress can be a killer and can play a huge role in thinning hair or even going bald.  It is important to exercise consistently to reduce stress levels.  Those who are looking for an extra release of stress can try meditation or yoga. Relaxation can help reduce stress levels in your body.

Most importantly, if your body does not respond well to anabolic steroids and you are one of the unfortunate individuals who experience many of the negative side effects that come with steroid use, consider avoiding steroids and artificial testosterone altogether. They will harm your health and your hair in the long run.

Treatment for Hair Loss

Many medications can help combat hair falling out or the thinning of hair.   You can speak to your dermatologist regarding this issue.  Finasteride is one of the more popular medications available in the market to combat thinning or balding hair. Your medical practitioner can prescribe these for you. This works by blocking only the 5AR I enzyme so that the other tissues in the body are not affected. This drug is FDA approved and most people have benefitted from its use. It can help to stop hair loss and may also help in regrowth.  Some individuals who do not have a primary care physician or dermatologist they see for care can purchase Finasteride online in any of our stores.  We offer this medication without a prescription and ship discreetly all over the world.

Minoxidil is another drug that can help stop hair loss. It is available over-the-counter as a gel, liquid, or foam.  It comes in 2%, 5%, and 15% solutions and even higher.  The 5% solution is generally the best option since higher strengths can cause itching and irritation to the scalp. Excessive use may lead to an erratic heartbeat, so this should be used as recommended.  It may also help with hair regrowth, but be aware that regrowth will not happen overnight. However, you need to use this lifelong if you want to maintain the hair regrowth.

Nizoral is another helpful product. It contains ketoconazole which helps prevent itching and irritation of the scalp. It is also helpful for hair conditions such as flaking and dandruff and can be used in conjunction with other medicines to prevent their side effects such as irritation of the scalp.

Copper peptides such as tricomin, folligen, etc. are available in spray form to be applied on the head. These use a chain of amino acids to supply copper which is a necessary component for hair growth. It may help in regenerating hair follicles and can be used in consultation with a doctor.

Biotin is a vitamin you can start consuming. It promotes immune function and protein synthesis in the body and is generally recommended for stronger hair and nails. Studies have shown that it helps in hair growth and may help your hair grow longer and faster. Even if it doesn’t help you in terms of hair regrowth, it certainly doesn’t have any side effects, so you can consume it anyway.

These are options that individuals may consider when dealing with hair loss or thinning hair as a result of anabolic steroid use.  Those with more steroid experience and who live a lifestyle of the gym, steroids, and fitness may choose to live with the risk of hair loss.  Some consider this to be a new look!

Best Cure for Hair Loss

There are many advertisements for laser combs, brushes, or hats. These are just gimmicks and generally do not work and are quite expensive. It is better to spend your money on a trusted, common, and well-known product that is proven to be beneficial over time.

There are a number of treatments available that can help stop the thinning and loss of hair.  Rather than experimenting with these yourself, it is best to consult a certified practitioner who can guide you regarding your exercise as well as the hair loss you may be facing. Don’t self-medicate or use chemicals which people have recommended, unless you have consulted with a doctor.

I am a bodybuilder and I am losing hair …

Medical baldness is alopecia. Today, many misconceptions and myths are associated with baldness. Over the past decade, scientists have made a significant breakthrough in the study of the question, what is the cause of baldness and how to restore it.

An average person has from 100 to 150 thousand hairs on his head. Every day about 100 hairs fall out, but new ones grow in their place. If the hair falls out and a new one does not grow in its place, then the person begins to go bald.

About 25% of men aged 30 years already have varying degrees of baldness. And men who are already 60 years old, almost 70% or begin to lose hair or already bald.

Bodybuilders are at the forefront of the risk group, and the reason is simple – many take steroids. Not all testosterone that enters the body is used, there is an excess of it in the body, and it turns into dihydrotestosterone, which adversely affects the hair.

In this case, “steroidal” baldness begins. As we already know every day about 100 hairs fall out in a person, then in such cases they just start to crumble from the head. The foci of steroid alopecia are mainly located above the forehead and the frontal region of the head. But the rest of the hairline melts less often, and the hair is brittle, dull, and does not stop thinning.

In such a situation, you need to make a choice, and if muscle mass, then with time you are likely to get bald spots first and then bald head. When you stop taking steroids, baldness may stop, but not the fact.

Another reason that a bodybuilder can start balding is an excess of training stress. If you are professionally engaged, then avoid any, so to speak, “left” energy costs. An amateur who hurries after work to the training room, while he tries to train with professional intensity. Beyond that house, family, naturally he does not have a daytime sleep and a night’s sleep does not last for 10-12 hours and multiple meals, as well as anti-stress pharmacology, he most likely does not have. An excess of all these loads will naturally lead to a stressful reaction of the body – hair loss in bodybuilding. After such baldness, hair can recover and this is the main plus compared to the “steroid”.

Another fairly significant reason for hair loss in bodybuilders is a lack of vitamin B in their diet. With training stress, the body needs a lot of such vitamins. And if its lack becomes chronic, then this can lead to injury to the liver tissue, and then to hepatitis, and, of course, to thinning the hair.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that taking expensive medications for baldness will make sense when the cause of hair loss is eliminated.

Well, now let’s look at some pharmaceuticals. In the first place, you can put the drug Rogain. It began to be produced in 1988 and was sold to men, only by prescription. And in 1991, a female version was released. Its effectiveness is 5-10%, namely, 5-10 out of 100 people began to grow new hair. 15-20 people out of 100 after using the drug Rogain stopped hair loss. The active ingredient in this drug is minoxidil.

Another drug Propecia, its active ingredient is finasterol. They began to use it to reduce prostate tumors and began to notice that hair began to grow in patients. If you use it for a year, you can get an excellent result. Almost 30% of patients found that hair began to grow at the site of the bald spot, and in 18% the hair became much thicker. As well as the drug Propecia stops hair loss.