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Exercises with kettlebell is a very convenient option for beginners, especially if you want to work out at home. You can perform a full set of exercises with a kettlebell that works all muscle groups.

Which kettlebell to buy for beginners

It all depends on your level of strength training. It’s it’s important to use the correct technique. It is easy enough to injure not only the wrists, but also the back. So, if you can, find a good coach. If not, you can learn from a video. Don’t use heavy weights immediately. Start with a very light one of 2-5 kg. Later you can buy a kettlebell of 16 kg.

If you are very fit, you will need to buy a kettlebell of 24kg.

Exercises with kettlebells for weight loss and muscle growth

The series of exercises with kettlebells is suitable for slimming and for muscle training. But the main task of training with kettlebells is the development of endurance. Complex series of movements with kettlebells in wrestlers is an excellent way to develop dexterity and endurance. Supersets are good to build endurance and strength.

If you do exercises with kettlebells to lose weight, the main thing is to eat a diet (calorie deficit). For beginners in general, the most important thing is regular and proper nutrition.

kettlebell workouts
Man with kettlebells

But if you want to increase muscle mass, the kettlebell (even 16 kg and 24 kg) is not the fastest way. If you are no longer a beginner in the gym, training with weights will help improve stamina and agility, strengthen joints. But beginners usually want a maximum of muscles as quickly as possible (that was the motivation not to give up training). Therefore, for this purpose, they should start with classic training with a barbell and dumbbells. Although if desired, you can do some exercises at home with a weight. Just replace the dumbbell with a weight wherever possible (squats, pull-ups, etc.).

However, if you want to start training and you only have 16 kg kettlebell, then start doing exercises with kettlebells. They will give you a much greater result than exercises with only your own body.

Exercises with kettlebell: which muscles are worked?

Most work large groups of muscles, including legs and back, abdomen, arms (shoulders, biceps and triceps), and chest. Complex training complex with a kettlebell is best suited when you need to work out all the muscle groups at the same time.

Deadlift thrust

  • legs slightly wider than shoulders, pulling the pelvis back, lean forward with a straight back
  • grasp the handle with both hands

Do not lift the heels off the floor.

Kettlebell deadlift

Mahi with kettlebells

  • legs slightly wider than shoulders, grasp the kettlebell with both hands
  • back straight
  • do mahi kettlebell over your head
  • in the lower position, do not round the shoulders, bend the legs slightly at the knees, the back is straight (do not hunch). Put the kettlebell back to the level of the feet
    in the upper position, fully straighten (including the elbows)
kettlebell workout
Kettlebell workout (man and woman)

Squats with kettlebells

Squats with kettlebells technique:

  • take the kettlebell so that the handle rests against your chest.
  • we perform squats: the legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, the toes point slightly outward
  • while moving downward, raise the knees to the sides
  • crouch just below the parallels with the floor, do not lift your heels off the floor
  • Do not hunch your back, do not lean forward too much
kettlebell workouts
Squats with kettlebell

Kettlebells stand with one hand


  • lift the kettlebell to your shoulder, then straighten your arm and lift the weight up
  • lower the weight back to your shoulder
  • Keep back straight, do not bend back or forward

In exercises with a kettlebell, it is possible to work all groups of muscles. It is very important to learn how to lift the kettlebell not only with your back, but with your legs, too. the legs are the strongest muscle group. And it is by distributing the load between the back and legs that you can avoid back injuries, which often happen in those who make mistakes in technique. In all exercises, both the abdomen and the shoulders work. There is no need to look for individual exercises on these muscle groups.

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